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A D2D CRC Company
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NQRY™ specialises in next generation investigative tools and effective investigation management solutions for law enforcement and public safety organisations. The tools have been shaped from concept to creation by Australian law enforcement users, in collaboration with the Data to Decisions CRC.

This has resulted in systems that have been built from the ground up to meet the practical, real world needs of investigators, while drawing on innovative research in intelligent search, visualisation and data analytics.

Built with Investigators for Investigators.


CaseWalls™ is an investigation management system built upon the traditional concepts of tasking and digital data capture while also incorporating the latest research in data curation. The user-centric software allows streamlined production of digital briefs, supports offence management and offers innovative features such as narrative visualisation. The system also provides support for disclosure management throughout the investigation and brief generation process. 

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Investigators have become accustomed to simple and intuitive, yet powerful user experiences through modern day search engines and social media platforms. CaseWalls™ is focused on providing the same level of user experience so that investigators feel comfortable and familiar with the software.


Digital Brief Creation

Exportable digital briefs can be generated quickly and easily based on investigation content that has been tagged for a brief. This efficiency speeds up the process of conviction.

Improved Search & Discovery

By using a centralised portal, CaseWalls™ provides easy search and discovery functionality which is streamlined and efficient, ensuring any information is not overlooked.

Focused Investigations

CaseWalls™ allows investigators to pursue lines of enquiry that are tied to obtaining relevant evidence on the offence and person of interest they are relevant to.



Each organisation has a unique set of data and workflow requirements. NQRY’s investigative tools are built for flexibility and efficient customisation to individual needs. NQRY’s team will ensure the solution fits the customer's needs.


The D2D CRC has significant depth of capability in elements of data curation, entity resolution and search technology that is now being leveraged and further developed within NQRY™. This capability enables NQRY™ to offer Consulting Services in Search and Discovery and other elements of data analytics for the public safety and intelligence communities.

Innovative Technologies

NQRY™ is able to leverage leading edge discovery and visualisation capabilities within its investigative tool kit.

This includes:

Federated Search capability enables a centralised portal to curate data by performing functions such as manual entity linking, delinking and entity mention correction. The capability also improves information management through entity extraction, resolution and general connection of entities and concepts across data sets. This facilitates high performance and scalable next generation descriptive and predictive analytics.

Narrative Visualisation capability seeks to improve how investigators and prosecutors view and communicate cases in a digital form. This result is an interactive tool that provides a comprehensible and communicable view of how the information and facts collected in a case support a set of conclusions.


A D2D CRC Company
Base64, 64 North Terrace
Kent Town, South Australia

If you have any questions or would like information, please get in touch.


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